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Solar Power and other Renewable Energy Education

SKY Renewable Energy feels that renewable education is necessary and of key importance in making environmentally friendly choices. We offer school presentations to all grade levels. A greener future starts with educating our youth. If you would like more information about educational seminars and school presentations, please contact us.

Elementary Alternative Energy Programs

It’s our goal to teach children about renewable energy such as solar power and wind-turbine generated energy, and being green early in life so that they continue to follow environmentally friendly habits for the rest of their lives. Our unique elementary school program teaches children that being green can be fun. The elementary program introduces characters in which the students can relate.

Sheriff Green helps the world stay a little greener

Sheriff Green helps the world stay a little greener

Sheriff Green has many adventures with the Power Hogs. Each of the four Power Hogs is wanted for a crime against the environment. Drafty Darlene, Sloppy Sara, Lights On Lewis and Wallis Water each have their own set of environmentally bad habits and tactics. Sheriff Green manages to catch up with the Power Hogs and teach them a lesson in being environmentally conscientious. Children have an opportunity to join the Sheriff Green’s Posse and make a difference. Sheriff Green also makes guest appearances at some presentations! Our elementary program engages student’s imaginations and teaches them to respect the environment through fun activities, all while learning about solar power, wind energy, and more!

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Sheriff Green fights the power hogs by finding ways to reduce energy and save the environment! SKY Renewable dancing pigs SKY Renewable lassoed pigs

Teen Solar Power Education Programs

Today’s teenager has grown up exposed to the benefits of renewable energy and may already be living a green life. Teenagers are often the biggest advocates for the green movement. Our teen education programs start by defining the difference between renewable and non-renewable energies. We bring into the classroom actual solar panel “photovoltaic” equipment used in the field, along with one of our skilled engineers to explain the science behind the renewable energy. Along with a fun project, we teach the students how solar energy works and tips that they can implement into their daily life that can make a greener future for many years to come.

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